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Decide To Move Podcast

Nov 17, 2020

Why is it important to be visible?

What are the benefits of brand visibility?

When should you start thinking about showing up as the face of your brand?

Is a headshot enough?

What stories should you be telling to boost your visibility?

How do you demonstrate your brand story well?

What kind of work should you do before you start becoming more visible?

What are the benefits of brand visibility?



Mallika will answer these questions and more today.  She is a professional photographer, brand strategist, mentor and author of The Brand Photography Playbook. After years working in the corporate advertising world, she now helps ambitious women entrepreneurs bring their brand to life with strategy and visual storytelling. Her mission is to empower women to stop hiding behind their business and confidently become the face of their brand. When she is not taking pictures or building brands, she is at home with her three sons and husband, drinking coffee or red wine and dreaming about their next global adventure.



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