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Decide To Move Podcast

Nov 27, 2020

Having tough conversations are never easy; especially when you want to preserve the relationship.  Managing staff, partnerships, and collaborating with others requires a special skill when it comes to managing conflicts.  Jonathan will provide practical strategies to manage those conflicts while you build your empire.

Jonathan Miller is a speaker, facilitator and conflict transformation coach, specializing in working with entrepreneurs to be powerful in the face of conflict. He believes in the power of honing one's communication skills to not just "deal with" conflicts, but to transform them into powerful partnerships that serve one's business and their lives. His programs draw heavily from his extensive training in several communication systems including Nonviolent Communication, the Harvard Negotiation Project, Landmark Worldwide, and more. His methodology is also heavily influenced by his Vipassana meditation practice, of which he has spent over 2,000 hours practicing.


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