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Decide To Move Podcast

May 18, 2021

Antoinetta shares her amazing story and learning the power of Just Saying Yes!

Antonietta is a WW (formerly know as Weight Watchers) Coach, and facilitate 4 workshops a week. She also developed a very infectious and engaging community across the country where they inspire and motivate one another to live our best life. She currently has over 3,500 members. She does this via an exercise program I created called abotti.

"In 2016 Antonietta was a full-blown diabetic, could not tie her shoes nor walk more than 20 mins and had 20% chance of dying. Fast forward to June 2018, I managed to lose 141 lbs, kicked diabetes to the curb, became a certified group fitness instructor, created a fitness program called abotti and reduced my chances of dying to less than 5%.

IG: abottiwithantonietta

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