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Decide To Move Podcast

May 25, 2021

You've been working hard in your life and business and feel exhausted, tired, overwhelmed and just out of balance.

Well, it may not necessarily be what you think.  Wanda is here to provide you a remedy.

Wanda Parks, is a Integrative & Holistic Health Practitioner, MA, BSN RN CMSRN, CHC who has served in two branches of the military; Army and Air Force. She provides tools for High achieving women over 40 to live a healthier lifestyle; reducing toxins, shedding pounds, fear and self-doubt using holistic therapies such as biofeedback, mineral balancing and ion detoxification. Wanda is also a certified Aromatherapist, a two-time published author of ‘The Wellness Lifestyle and the 30-Day Living your Created Life; Food Journal. She teaches people how to take control of their health and well-being naturally without yo-yo and fad diets, and without breaking their bank; so that they can live a more energetic, vibrant, pain and financially free lifestyle.


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